Pep for the Pooped: Discovering the Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Is Starving For – 2nd Edition

(Since health plays a big, big role in a good life, so I want to tell you about the new edition of my vitamin/mineral e-book.)

WooHoo! The second edition of Pep for the Pooped by Bette Dowdell is now available!

Most health problems–thyroid, cancer, diabetes, and on, and on–come from poor nutrition. We eat and drink what we shouldn’t, and don’t take in what we should. Sometimes disease is our first clue that all is not well.

So Pep for the Pooped talks about thirty vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function with style and grace. I don’t gamble, but I can bet money that you’re deficient in many, if not most, of them–and I won’t risk so much as a penny.

How can I be sure? Because of skyrocketing disease rates.

If disease comes from poor nutrition, and it does, disease rates headed for the moon should give us a clue, don’t you think?

Here’s how it goes:

Heart disease doesn’t come from high cholesterol, but from a lack of nutrition.

Likewise, diabetes comes from a severe lack of nutrition, especially one B vitamin.

And the thyroid’s in a world of hurt without enough selenium, which we can’t get from food nowadays. Meanwhile, most of what we read is about the supposed dangers of selenium! We need to know where we stand, selenium-wise, don’t you think?

Plus, while natural thyroid hormone can allow hypothyroid people to stop feeling terrible, only vitamins and minerals let them feel good.

Pep for the Pooped includes 121 (8 ½ X 11) pages jam-packed with the information you need to figure out where you are and what to do about it–plus a detailed index for reference.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all sort of arrangement. Since we’re all unique, it can’t be.

Plan to spend some time figuring out where you fit in the various lists of deficiency symptoms and positive benefits of each vitamin and mineral.

For instance, boron, which most of us haven’t heard much–if anything–about, lists thirty benefits –most of them huge. Well, now, see, that makes it kind of easy; pretty much everybody needs boron. How much is really the only question.

And what about the B vitamin, niacinamide? Also relatively unknown, it can reverse arthritis. Among a host of other good things.

And so on.

You’ll probably find at least one benefit that fits you in every vitamin/mineral list, but when you hit one thing after another in a list, you’ll know it’s talking about you.

Pep for the Pooped is unique in that it covers both the endocrine system and overall health. The endocrine system leads the parade to either health or disease, so both are important. While medicine hasn’t quite caught on to this truth yet, that’s no reason for us not to take action.

Each vitamin/mineral chapter includes a link to a good form of the supplement–from a good company, with no bogus ingredients, at a good price. I receive no benefit of any kind for offering these links, so they’re not about filling the Dowdell coffers; they’re about you.

Those of you who’ve been reading my stuff for a while, know my story. A drunk driver destroyed my pituitary gland–the leader of the endocrine band–a month before my first birthday. After years of sliding downhill while doctors insisted I was fine, I realized it was up to me.

So I started researching–and got myself out of the ditch. Now I have energy, a working brain, a wise-guy sense of humor, hair that doesn’t insist on falling out and all sorts of good stuff.

And I’ve helped others, too.

And in the process I discovered that research is my favorite thing to do. Yeah, I know that makes me sound weird, but learning how all the pieces fit together lures me on. I won’t ever know all there is to know, but it sure won’t be for lack of trying.

Pep for the Pooped builds your vitamin/mineral foundation, which makes a huge difference in anybody’s quality of life. Even so, it’s not everything that can improve health; that’s in my 52-week-long Moving to Health program–of which Pep for the Pooped is just one week (Week 9).

You can read about Pep for the Pooped here. Like the first edition, this is an electronic book, downloadable to your computer the instant you order it. And you’ll get a short series of follow-up e-mails to help you get started.

And you can read about Moving to Health here. This is an online membership program, with new information available each week. Even after you complete the year-long program, you have continued access. Current members, for instance, automatically get the new Pep for the Pooped 2nd edition at no additional charge.

Whatever you decide to do, do something. Your body will thank you.

Get a free subscription to my Too Pooped to Participate e-zine here. To thank you for signing up, you’ll get a list of some of the symptoms I write about.

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