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A Modern Apologetic for Nonbelievers, Seekers and Christians

When atheists, agnostics and others unhappy with the church realize Bette Dowdell won’t use her extensive Bible knowledge to whack at them, question after question flows in conversations that go well into the night. When people inside the church realize Dowdell will help untangle their theological confusion with love, they, too, pile on question after question.

“What’s fascinating, “ says Dowdell, “is that both groups are asking just about the same questions, but in different words. Everybody’s absolutely parched for dependable information about Christianity.”

And it’s no wonder. Outside the church, the U.S. is in its fourth generation of non-attenders. Inside many churches, except for once-over-lightly survey courses, Bible study has gone the way of the buggy whip. Each group is running on the fumes of hearsay and rumor.

Into the breach comes How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying, Dowdell’s book of thoughtful, up-tempo and wide-ranging one-page “articles” describing the Bible’s view of Christianity. To fit today’s instant-everything mind set, the articles read quickly–but take the rest of the day–or more–to ponder. In this book, short doesn’t mean shallow.

A Scripture excerpt accompanies each article so readers get a sampler of what’s there and, as Dowdell says with a laugh, know she didn’t make stuff up. There are brief remarks about the excerpt’s writer, an as-needed pronunciation guide and a decoding of Scripture references.

By the end of the book, readers will know the Bible’s definition of “Christian.”

Mature Christians will find affirmation and fresh insights. New Christians will learn how all the faith pieces fit together and also gain tools to explain the hope that’s in them. Non-Christians will have, at last, an encouraging, nonjudgmental way to learn what Christians believe and why they believe it so they can determine if Christianity fits the missing piece in their lives. And whether nonbelievers accept the message or not, they’ll at least understand their Christian friends and neighbors better.

Jerry D. Simmons (, former VP with the Time Warner Book Group says, “This book is a wonderful read for anyone . . . Its appeal will cross the boundaries between the Christian and mainstream reader and bookseller. For anyone who has a belief in God and a desire to learn more about his teachings, this book is a terrific guide and daily companion.”

Raised in The Salvation Army, Bette Dowdell is a former IBM Systems Engineer, computer consultant, business analyst, software company owner and author of several computer books and articles. A longtime Bible teacher and speaker, she’s known for her faith, optimism and humor. She lives in the Phoenix area.

How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying is a 192-page hard cover book that lists for $24.95. You can order it through, or, for a signed copy, through the publisher at, or Confident Faith Institute, PO Box 11744, Glendale AZ 85318.

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