Are You Really Going To Vote For What God Hates?

Well, everybody knows that God is love. But few know that the Bible says God hates seven things. God hates things that destroy love or make love impossible by building barriers between us and others and God.

Here’s how Proverbs 6 puts it:

“There are six things the Lord hates–no, seven things he despises:”

• The First Three Things God Hates

“Haughty eyes,” otherwise known as elitism. The condescension of elitists angers God because he values all people, while elitists value only themselves. Or at least their prerogatives.

“A lying tongue,” needs no interpretation. Think about it. If you lie to somebody, or about somebody, you don’t love them, regardless of the sweet nothings you say to the contrary. Lying kills relationships. In fact, lying eventually kills the entire society.

“Hands that kill the innocent,” the primary example of which is abortion. God hates it.

Since both Christians and Jews must define themselves, according to the Bible, by following God’s directions and being all he calls them to be, they have to hate what God hates–in the present example, elitism, lying and abortion.

Well, look at that! Written thousands of years ago, and it’s about the election. So let me ask you: Are you going to vote for anything God hates?

• Two More Things God Hates

You know, some people claim the Bible isn’t relevant anymore, but by golly, it gets more relevant by the day. Let’s take a look at the next two things God detests.

They are “a heart that plots evil” and “feet that race to do wrong.”

“The heart that plots evil” part, is a good description of somebody who cooks the books at FannieMae to create a huge payday for himself while putting others in financial jeopardy.

And to illustrate “feet that race to do wrong,” we have his Congressional and media cronies rushing to cover up the facts of this theft. They don’t insist he accept responsibility, as the Bible requires, but blame others (combining their race to do wrong with “lying tongues”). Then they race on to force others to foot the bill while he skates free.

This much bad stuff swirling around means you have a sewer. And it needs to be cleaned up.

Are you really going to vote for increasing the sewage level?

Or read the papers and magazines that promote it? Or watch the television `news’?

The arrogance stuns the senses. These people do as they please, dismissing any idea of accountability to God. Eventually, they’ll get a surprise party that I won’t want to go to.

• The Last Two Things God Hates

The final two things God hates are “a false witness who pours out lies” and “a person who sows discord among brothers.”

“A false witness who pours out lies” includes people who lie after taking an oath to speak the truth, as in court. It also includes people speaking as experts. A political example would be candidates declaring that several studies prove a point when, in fact, they have no such studies. Or a scientist misrepresenting research results. Or a reporter making up stories. Etc.

“A person who sows discord among brothers” means creating discord in a family–destructive behavior at the very core of our lives. It’s also the destruction of trust in any group where people who identify with and rely on each other. Whether the discord comes from inside or outside the group, it’s wrong. And it’s an old political trick.

• To Sum Up

God says we’re to be excellent citizens. That includes voting intelligently. First, to know the issues; we don’t have to be experts, but we need at least a basic understanding. Second, to listen to what the candidates say, not how they say it or how they look while saying it. Third, we simply cannot vote for what God hates–no matter what others do–because that’s a vote for destruction.

Bette Dowdell is an author and speaker, former IBM Systems Engineer, small company consultant, software company owner and registered mutual fund rep for The Vanguard Group. She speaks and writes about two things: Maximizing Life and Maximizing Health. To read more about either, go to

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