Glendale AZ – February 6, 2007– Mega book wholesaler Baker & Taylor honored How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying making it a featured selection in their February Forecast catalog.

The Forecast listing says, “While conversations about Christianity swirl all around us, most contain little, if any, factual information. How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying describes Christianity as it is found in the Bible and shows how it applies today. With Scripture quotes, pronunciation helps, and a light touch, it adds solid, even profound, knowledge to our conversations. Christians will learn, seekers will see if Christianity fits, and others will understand their friends and relatives.”

Labor attorney Sean MacFarlin comments, “In a world of televangelists and door to door Bible beaters, many people are discouraged and even turned off by the thought of evangelism.. . It’s into this environment that just the right guidebook comes along . . Dowdell proves to have a deep understanding of the Bible and speaks in a voice that clearly communicates to the reader.”

Writing in Midwest Book Review, Richard R. Blake adds, “Bette Dowdell is a natural communicator. Her descriptive phrases and word pictures make her simple illustrations come to life and cause the reader to experience and participate in the adventure. This is an amazing gift (talent). This a book for mature Christians, seekers and new believers.”

Jerry D. Simmons, former Time Warner Book Group Vice President, now author, writes, “This book is a wonderful read for anyone regardless of whether a Christian or somebody who practices religion on an irregular basis. Its appeal will cross the boundaries between the Christian and mainstream reader and bookseller.”

Home-business guru Barbara Brabec says “. .. as rare a Christian book as you’re ever likely to read.”

Author Bette Dowdell writes from a generous heart. The book’s short pieces are quick and easy to read, often humorous, typically profound and always encouraging. Related Scripture texts, with as-needed pronunciations aids, a decoding of the shorthand Scripture references and brief remarks about the author or the circumstances, accompany each piece.

Published by Confident Faith Institute, How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying is a hardcover book of 192 pages and retails for $24.95. Available at,, and from the publisher,, it can also be ordered at bookstores. Books ordered from the publisher are signed by the author.

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