Of Course You’re Scared

When we think about making changes in our lives, it can scare us half to death. But it’s not always all that comforting to think life will never change. Sometimes, in fact, the thought of life always being the same is the more terrifying of the two.

What’s a person to do?

The only way to deal with fear is to look it square in the face and determine if it deserves a hearing.

For instance, if the worst thing that can happen is somebody saying “no,” there’s really no point in hyperventilating about it. It may be a huge disappointment, but life goes on–and somewhere down the road, you may realize that “no” did you a favor.

If we’re changing life in at its core–lifestyle, beliefs, commitments, etc.–though, a time of fear, or at least concern, is a normal, standard part of the package.

Not so much when we’re just making plans, although it’s possible. But when the planning’s finished, the talking’s done and it’s time to take action, fear can grab us like a bear trap.

If we’ve made careful plans and considered all the alternatives, we shouldn’t let fear stop us. Thinking trumps emotions here.

In fact, if we’re about to move towards the fulfillment of a lifetime dream, we should stomp our fear into the ground as we move ahead. Fear tends to be a mirage anyway.

On the other hand, if we’re about to launch on a swell, but last minute, idea without any real planning or talking, fear can be a wonderful brake. It could save us from disaster.

This is when fear deserves a hearing.

But perhaps it’s not a rash thought out of the blue, but the opportunity we’ve dreamed of for years suddenly put before us. It looks last minute, but we’re prepared.

Life sure comes at us in a lot of different ways, and knowing how to react takes a certain amount of agility. Including how to know when to follow our fears and when to move past them.

Once we’ve faced our fear and know it for what it is, we are ready to move on.

Fear never holds all the trump cards or wins all the games. If your hand looks good, play it.

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