The Rutabaga Hundred

One hundred college presidents are campaigning to lower the legal drinking age to 18. They claim the change will reduce college drinking. They go on to say most underage binge drinking occurs off campus, where they can’t regulate it. The idiocy of it all takes the breath away. How can 100 supposedly educated people reach the conclusion that legalizing a disaster will improve a bad situation?

Methinks the truth is that most binge drinking takes place ON campus, where these wise and sophisticated “educators” haven’t established even a whiff of control. Inquiring minds must surely know that their main concern is losing their prestige and position if a student inconveniently dies in a campus-tolerated event.

The Scripture verse that comes to mind is, “considering themselves to be wise, they became as fools.” The verse is about refusing to worship God. Perhaps to free them to worship smaller gods, themselves.

The Rutabaga Hundred indeed.

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