But why write this book?

The ill-considered lesson of a Sunday School teacher caused Bette, in fourth grade, to think she was unacceptable to God.

Rather than teach the Bible truth that God custom-makes each of us to fit our purpose, she said if we loved Jesus, we would be quiet, passive, unnoticeable.

None of which Bette was. Or could be, although she tried and tried to become the kind of person who was acceptable to God. At least, according to the teacher.

It took years of struggle for Bette to realize that the teacher–the authority–had totally contradicted the Bible with her unintentionally hurtful lesson.

God loves us. Period.

Years later, wanting to introduce her own children to the historicity and factual basis for the Bible, Bette started a Children’s Church program to teach seminary-level theology to grade school kids.

For her own peace of mind, she needed to be certain not to do what had been done to her. Although already known for her Bible knowledge, Bette spent hours of weekly study to be certain she told the absolute Biblical truth in her stories to the children.

Then, during her software company days, Bette hired a married couple–he an atheist, she an agnostic–to desk-top publish the instruction manuals. When they realized Bette wouldn’t use her extensive Bible knowledge to pummel them, they asked question after question. The hours of study paid off in accurate answers presented with love.

About that same time, speaking at a church retreat to long-time church members, Bette realized that almost nobody there understood how Christianity works. A follow-up confirmed that most church people know very little about the Bible. As a consequence, they miss out on most of what God put them on earth for, including the peace, joy and love. It’s no wonder they can be annoying.

And Bette couldn’t find a book that provided the answers they needed–simple, but not childish, profound, but not complex, and encouraging, but not Pollyanna.

So she wrote the needed book to tell the world that God is for us, he loves us–and we need to respond to his love to experience it. How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying is that book.