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How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying is a book that scrapes years of
barnacles off our understanding of what it means to be a Christian. It goes directly
to the source, the Bible, to check out the original meaning of “Christian.”

It’s not your Aunt Matilda’s ideas. Not anything a whiz-bang guru at the top of his
game thought up. Not even the library’s offerings. This book comes straight from
the top, the source, the Bible. What a concept!

And most of the news is good. God is for you. You are not an accident or a
mistake. You have all it takes to accomplish what you were born to do. You were
meant to be at peace and filled with joy.

The bad news? You are at complete liberty to use God’s gift of free will to mess
your life up to a fare-thee-well. And God won’t revoke the gift and stop you.

Even then there’s good news. When you’re so far down you have to reach up to
touch bottom, God will still put you on the road to fulfillment–if you ask him to.

Here’s a book cut from a new mold:
• Quick and easy to read–yet profound
• Biblically correct–and humorous
• A love book–that takes no prisoners
• Politically incorrect–letting you become all you were meant to be

If you want life to get better, How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying is the
map you need.

Raised in The Salvation Army, Bette Dowdell has been an IBM Systems Engineer,
computer consultant, owner of a software company and successful mother. Through
it all she studied, taught and spoke about God, the source of her strength, hope and
love. Dowdell lives in the Phoenix area.

Photos of the author and book can be downloaded a http://ConfidentFaith.com

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