Hi, my name is Bette. I came to faith in God many years ago, and as the old hymn says, “The longer I know Him, the sweeter He grows.”

Why? Because God made my life whole. Who else can do that? No one. Now, if I wake up at 3 a.m., I’m at peace. When life goes through a rough patch, I know I’ll get through it.

Is it the same for you? I surely hope so. A lot of people ask Christ to be their Savior, but then nobody teaches them how it works or how to latch onto God’s power instead of having to rely only on their own.

That last part’s important because we all face the limits of will power–our own power–every time we go on a diet. Or try to quit a bad habit. I’m guessing everybody knows about the limits of will power.

I’m all about leaning on God’s power because that’s where my peace comes from. Not to mention joy and all the other good things the Bible promises.

One problem in Christianity is ‘witnessing.’ The Bible says Christians should witness, but what does that mean? Sometimes witnessing comes across pretty negatively.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think God favors the zealots on the streets preaching in the faces of everybody whose path they cross, or the Christian who simply walks it out, letting people see the difference God’s power makes in a life?

I won’t answer that for you, but I’ll shed some light from my own personal experience: People don’t respond to ‘in-your-face’ preaching! While the zealot gets his message out to hundreds, it doesn’t stick. In fact, zealots risk turning off people who hear their message.

The zealot can actually do more harm than good, but if his heart is in the right place, God is still pleased. Zealots do harm out of ignorance, like children who make bad decisions because of limited knowledge and experience. If your child makes a bad decision, you offer correction, but you don’t stop loving your child. And so it is with God. He’s in the correcting business, too.

If we continually stumble because we don’t know how to access God’s power and keep hurting others because we don’t know how to share our faith, we’re going to go around that mountain called Correction a lot of times. Not because God enjoys correcting us, but because he wants more for us. He wants us to experience success in our Christian walk.

It’s up to each of us to decide how many times we want to go around that mountain. I personally want to learn my lessons the first time around, thank you very much.

And I want to help you do the same thing. You can experience peace and joy. You can learn how all the pieces of Christianity fit together and how to share your faith. I wrote How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying to give you the knowledge you need to live and share a successful Christian life.

Now, I need to tell you up front that it’s not a success-by-the-numbers kind of book. It can’t be.

God made every one of us different from every other one of us. We are each unique. And, to top that off, he gave us a free will to make choices. As you can see, God has no interest in one-size-fits-all anything.

God thinks you’re terrific. He thinks I’m terrific, too, but he doesn’t want you to be me. He wants to help you be the best possible you. Since he created you, he knows just how to make that happen–if you let Him. Let me assure you, this isn’t pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking; it’s real.

So How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying doesn’t tell you step by step how I reached the wonderful place I’m in with God. You can get to the same wonderful place, but not my way. You’ll take your own unique way, guided by God.

My book is about experiencing an attitude of faith. About learning to hear God. As you read the short (two-page) chapters, let the thoughts sink in and touch your spirit. The book will show you how all the pieces of a strong Christian faith fit together.

It took me a lot of years to understand what I put in these pages. I want to pass it all onto you, to make your road easier. Don’t plan to rush through. Linger and let God speak to you as you go.

You’ll be changed. As you walk it out, you’ll find the peace and confidence you’ve been longing for. Worry will have to move out and find a new address. Oh, life will still throw curves at you, but when you know for sure that God will guide and support you through any rough patch, what’s to worry?

And you know what? That’s when friends and family will start wondering what you have that they don’t have. And when they ask, you’ll have the answers. Better yet–if that’s possible–thanks to How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying, you’ll have straightforward answers, not a bunch of jargon that makes them walk away.

And that sums up witnessing: Knowing how to explain your faith when people ask. You don’t have to hunt them down or accost them in the street. People will ask–because you’ll have something they don’t, something they want.

You’ll be enjoying what the saints of yesteryear called ‘Mountain Top Living’.

Don’t wait another minute. Order How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying now and get started. Have the peace you’ve always wanted. Be the blessing you’ve always hoped you could be.

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