How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying – Large Print Edition

• Soft Cover
• 8.25″ X 11″
• 196 pages
• $24.95
• Still the same content and format as the original Hard Cover Edition–same quick read, same humor, same depth. No sense ruining a good thing.

• Author/Speaker Bette (two syllables) Dowdell (rhymes with cow bell)
• Former IBM Systems Engineer, small company consultant and software company owner
• Bible study teacher who insists on digging into the original intent, first century customs and root words to bring understanding to what the Bible says

So Much Dispute; So Little Knowledge

Publisher Confident Faith Institute LLC released the Large Print Edition of How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying today. It comes at a good time. Arguments about Christianity gush like geysers from sea to shining sea, but, with factual knowledge not considered necessary to join the fray, they provide little light.

This lack of Biblical understanding defines today’s society, both inside the church and out. In other endeavors, everybody agrees we need to learn well whatever we want to do, but we’re quite willing to approach Christianity based on rumor and myth.

As an illustration, Dowdell points out that most people believe being a Christian means being a good person, and being a good person means you’re a Christian. The Bible doesn’t see it way–because it’s about a whole lot more than that.

As the Bible says, will power may make you a good person, but it can’t grow you to be all you could be. And that must be true. If will power had much power, most of our New Year’s resolutions wouldn’t fade along with the sun on January 1.

Learn about going beyond will power in How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying. It doesn’t preach; it explains. It doesn’t condemn; it encourages. Add Dowdell’s humor, and you have great read.

A quick read, too. You can read the book’s short articles in just a few minutes, in any sequence you choose. This book fits today’s busy lifestyle.

And it includes Scripture excerpts. That way, Dowdell laughs, you know she didn’t make it up.

If you’re a Christian who didn’t learn it all in Sunday School, get this book.

If you’re searching for a faith and want to check out Christianity, get this book.

If you’re not interested in faith issues, but want to be able to hold up your end of the conversation at family get-togethers, get this book.

The 8.25″ X 11″, soft cover, Large Print Edition of How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying sells for $24.95 and is available in book stores and on-line. The book also comes in a hard cover edition and an e-book. Go to for more information.


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