The reviews for How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying suddenly went missing–for reasons unknown. Hackers? Gremlins? Nobody knows. While we’re reconstructing the complete, unedited versions, here are some thumbnail sketches.

Bette Dowdell’s passion for the unchurched is extraordinary, as is her advice to the new, or about -to-be believers. Give her book to a friend who is looking for the answers.”
Hugh Hewitt, Author, Talk Show Host

“Bette Dowdell has done a superb job of simplifying what Christianity is about. I would recommend it for the Christian or anyone wanting to know more about Christianity.”
Lute Olson, Basketball Hall of Fame coach

“Never preachy, but merely practical, she explains the Gospel in short bites–one topic per page–and makes Christianity understandable”
Barbara Brabec, Home business guru

“This book is a wonderful read for anyone regardless of whether a Christian or somebody who practices religion on an irregular basis.”
Jerry D. Simmons, former VP Time Warner Books –

“In a world of televangelists and door-to-door Bible beaters, many people are discouraged and even turned off . . . It’s into this environment that just the right guidebook comes along to truly fill a need”
Sean McFarlin, Labor Attorney

“Bette Dowdell’s back-to-the-basics, one-page articles inform without preaching. Informative and often humorous, backed up by Biblical quotations, her book lays out the beliefs common to Christians of all stripes and colours.” Jane Trotter

“If you’re interested in “same old same old,” you won’t be interested in Bette. If you grieve at the way Christians often are bad examples, or if you’ve ever found yourself trying to undo damage done by indiscriminate people of faith, if you want to be a follower of Christ, without being “religious,” you’ll love Bette.
John Counsell,
“Late Night Counsell,” AM/580 CFRA,

“. . .I discovered something else when I read bits of the book aloud to my teenage daughter: How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying is written in a voice that speaks well to teens. After falling down on our family devotions for years, my husband and I are using the book to talk to our daughter about things that are important.”
Jessie A. Moser

“I appreciated the texture and quality of the cover and fine binding of this book. For this reason alone it makes an exceptional gift book. However, more importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience and plan to recommend this book often when concerned friends ask for suggestions to give their non-Christian family members and friends. . . doesn’t offend or condescend.
Richard R. Blake, Midwest Book Review

“I thought that the title How to be a Christian Without Being Annoying was a little deceiving and then after I thought about for a while, it made perfect sense. Being a Christian without being annoying is best accomplished by knowing the Bible and allowing Christ to live in you. That is what this book is about.”
John Cook,